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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject No more voting on Tapestry, please
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2003 19:03:22 GMT
> Is there consensus on this?  Perhaps this can be brought to a [VOTE] 
> of the incubator PMC?

The incubator PMC already voted on Tapestry last year (Dec 28) and 
approved it, but the vote was held on the wrong mailing list and most of
the PMC is just now getting back to reading mail on a regular basis
after a very disruptive holiday schedule.

And, to echo Greg's words, what I said at the time was that it wasn't
up to the incubator to approve or disapprove, but rather to decide how
it was to be accomplished.  We were in the process of that when all this
NOISE started about whether or not we should accept a project that the 
had already decided elsewhere to accept!

PLEASE folks, if you are interested in helping the incubation process
in any way, PLEASE volunteer to be on the mailing lists and be on the
PMC.  I will personally nominate any ASF member or long-time committer
that wishes to work on incubation to be on the PMC.  What I will not do
is encourage people who do not have time to volunteer to use this as yet
another forum for them to spout off about the direction of the ASF.
I don't have time to read your comments outside of the appropriate 

Sam/Andy, go ahead and start jakarta-tapestry (and the reason it is
called that is because we want the mailing lists to be handled by and not for any other reason someone might imagine).
I strongly encourage you to start creating project-specific Unix
groups for "tapestry" NOW, rather than continue to put everything
under the jakarta group, regardless of the PMC status.  Please
verify with Jim that we have the appropriate software grant, signed
and delivered to the ASF, before linking to it from our website.

Meanwhile, the incubator volunteers need to start incorporating what
we have learned from this process into the website documentation.


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