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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: New Jakarta proposal: Pluto
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 19:44:34 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> Steven Noels wrote:
>  >
>  > I was trying not to post the obvious, but yes: this seems largely
>  > premature.
> Deja vu.
> Check back next week for the inevitable complaint that Pluto is too mature.
>  > No code, a restricted community, too much committers coming from one
>  > company, I've seen better proposals being fought over lately.
> Code is forthcoming.

I would like to see either the code, or the specification, or both, 
before being asked to vote for a project, or even to have to decide 
Jetspeed related issues WRT those new proposals.

> Multiple existing Apache committers.  Multiple distinct corporate 
> contributors.  In support of a "standard" (I'll leave that term 
> undefined).  Strongly related to an existing Jakarta subproject.

What concerns me is largely the absence of any public discussion around 
the API proposal. Mostly because of the XML support level. From the 
origins of the stuff, I remember that the JCP proponents were not 
suppporting XML stuff at all. Things could have changed a lot, since the 
  world has changed a whole lot in the last two years ;-)

> I have talked to the person who submitted this proposal, both via notes 
> and on the phone.  I gave explicit guidance as to what questions to have 
> answered in the original proposal, where to send it (general AND 
> incubator, if you notice).  To post the text on the web AND include it 
> verbatim in the note.  Etc.
> I also gave warning that there is likely to be extended and lengthy 
> discussion as to where this code should land instead of on the merits of 
> the project itself...
>  > Also, possible future integration 'ideas' with some related projects
>  > would be comforting (Jetspeed, Tomcat, Struts/Tiles, and the Cocoon
>  > portal framework for a starter).
> I can't resist a Jon'ism here:
> Thanks for volunteering!
> - Sam Ruby
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