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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] AltRMI gaining steam, joins incubator project
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 23:24:21 GMT

> Hi Paul,
>   nice to see you here :-)


> Let me express a thought/suggestion.
> EOB ( is an excellent piece of software 
> that uses AltRMI strongly, and committers on both projects seem quite 
> tied together.

The EOB usage is only one way.  Tonight for example I was pairing with 
Charles Lowell with a project that he is co-lead for MarathonMan @ 
Sourceforge ( ).  It is a kick-ass 
GUI testing framework.  It needs to move to be more like Cactus for 
various reasons  As such the team needs RPC steerage of the testee app. 
 AltRMI looks to be the appropriate beast after a small amount of 

And I'd prefer it if they were kept separate. One is to do with 
Client/Server, the other to do with Application serving.

> Wouldn't it make sense to apply EOB for Incubation and make AltRMI be 
> part of that project?

It might.  I do not want to have package rename shenanigans too often. 
 I'd prefer org.apache.eob for when EOB arrives at Apache. For that 
matter Id prefer org.apache.altrmi as it goes 1.0, but I know not the 
rules for incubator.

> Incubator is not a landing ground but a passage. So the question is, 
> where would the AltRMI committers want it to land?

I think they are OK with incubator.

Contributors thus far are,,,, as well as myself
I'd have to ask Jeff and Leif and Berin though for their opinions.

> Jakarta?
> Top Level Project?
> In Apache-EOB?

It will take its time, but the potential package schenanigans are a factor.

- Paul

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