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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject [Proposal] AltRMI gaining steam, joins incubator project
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 15:32:35 GMT
Hi folks,

We have been working on the AltRMI project as part of the Avalon project 
at Jakarta for a year now.  It is an RPC mechanism like RMI, but simpler 
and more transparent than RMI.  You could think of it as .Net's Remoting 
for Java.  To read more about it see :

Avalon (the project) is undergoing a large change as it moves towards status.   Part of the change means that 
sub-projects that are not related to the framework, a reference 
container or highly reusable avalon-dependant components are to move out 
of Avalon so that we no longer have the massive confusion as to what 
Avalon's aims are.

AltRMI now no longer mandates Avalon-Framework usage.  It is still 
there, but only used for some enabler classes for when you want to use 
AltRMI in conjunction with Avalon-Framework enabled environments.

So to recap, this code is already at Apache.  It is being used in 
companies and other open source projects*, might be more suitable at 
incubator than Avalon.  The former being a hothouse, the latter a niche. 
In terms of status, AltRMI is nearly ready to flip from beta to 1.0.

I'm interested in the feedback from folks here. There are between four 
and seven committers with Avalon kudos who've been active with AltRMI, 
that would require commit privs to Incubator.

This a good fit? Thoughts?


- Paul

* (indirectly 
this means Cocoon too, though not all deploy).

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