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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject [VOTE] Mother may I (was: Re: [Tapestry-contrib] Re: Tapestry?)
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 23:33:00 GMT
> Somebody has to speak for the rest of the incubator. Part of the problem
> that has happened is that everybody is waiting for everybody else to state
> that consensus is reached. As a result, it never appears that consensus is
> present, so nobody attempts to do anything.
> IMO, the first step in the Incubator process should be "name a shepherd".
> That person can then drive the acquisition of votes when needed, start
> following the necessary legal checklists, perform/request the infrastructure
> bits, and then the group can get down to the actual Apache Way Brainwashing.

The tapestry community is certfied by my to have been brainwashed as to 
meritocracy, consenus, voting rules.  Evidence is apparent in their 
mailing list archive for the last few months.  You'll see a consistant 
pattern of voting and community based decion making.

<joke requestedaction="laugh,smirk,ignore">
I didn't teach them how to have a wicked flame war and fillibuster but 
I'm sure they'll figure that out on their own.

May I:

1. Get the snapshot from howard,
2. import it,
3. ask the infrastructure to make the entries,
4. request the appropriate mailing lists
5. ask the developers to all send me requested account names which I 
will munge if already taken
6. create the website (under with
a redirected link from to save poor 
confused users like me from having to think real hard)
7. work with Sam (whom I'm assuming will help me) to get tapestry 
building under Gump and the site updating from Gump
8. Work with howard to import the wiki (if they want) via some means 
(whatever requires the least effort and produces the maximum outcome)
9. Graciously Accept help from anyone else who wants to help.

Please signify
[ ] +1
[ ] +0
[ ] -0 [why?]
[ ] -1 [why?]



> Cheers,
> -g

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