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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [Tapestry-contrib] Re: Tapestry?
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 16:44:09 GMT
Howard M. Lewis Ship wrote:

>>Incubator for a project which states "Tapestry is a community project,
>>and now follows the Apache meritocracy rules to guide its future
>>development." on its site, has 6 active committers and a busy mailing
>>list? Naaah. They should be a proper Jakarta subproject right from the
>>start if that is OK with them.
> Yes, that would count as "lowering the bar" (see my previous message).

I can speak freely since I'm a caveman over here :)

> On the CVS front ... my last commits to the SF CVS repository went in
> yesterday (Sat Jan 4).  I should be able to get a CVS repository snapshot
> with those changes on Jan 6.  Who is going to handle the import, and how is
> it done?  There's a lot of legacy cruft in there that could be filtered out
> (for instance, old PDF documents, the old source tree as com/primix/*,
> etc.).

cvs import will do just fine, I assume. Maybe it's better that you prune 
the source tree before that. If you are willing to loose the history, 
that makes things easier, but I don't think this is a requirement.

Quite honestly, I don't see much value in the incubation process for 
Tapestry. Unfortunately, 
seems to indicate it is a requirement projects to pass through this 
incubation process, stalling the process in this precise case.

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