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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: [Tapestry-contrib] Re: Tapestry?
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 16:44:03 GMT
Sander Striker wrote:
>>From: Andrew C. Oliver []
>>Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2003 2:53 PM
> [...]
>>When Tapestry was originally submitted to Jakarta (months ago) it was 
>>felt that they needed our help adopting a meritocracy and less of (as
>>it was put) "benevolent dictatorship".  I joined their lists and helped
>>them do that, and now this is being used to exclude them?  Yes, I feel
>>this conversation is best decided in a manner that will provide a
>>consistant guideline in the future.
> Ah, but this is very usefull information.  This is a projects asking
> to be adopted because it wants to adopt the ASF ways.  Something it
> hadn't been doing before.
> Now, at least for me, that answers a great deal of the question of
> what Tapestry thinks it would gain from becoming and ASF project.

Furthermore, I went over and joined Tapestry and helped them start the 
process which would have been criteria for entry (ASL license, 
meritocratic voting rules, other "structural" things).  dIon also 
volunteered to help.

This process was started prior to the incubator IIRC and hence started 
under the old "method".


> Sander
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