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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: [Tapestry-contrib] Re: Tapestry?
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 15:27:54 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
>> I don't think that there are any foregone conclusions wrt Tapestry.
>> They've put forward a proposal, various people in the Jakarta
>> project were  enthusiastic and hence it's come to the incubator.
>> What happens from here  is a complete unknown. 
> That depends.  I believe Sam said in a thread that he just hoped that 
> the lack of comment meant that it was okay to add it to Jakarta.

I am quite capable of lighting a fire under the current PMC members to 
get them to express a vote.  I have not yet chosen to do so yet.

To make an oversweeping generalization, Jakara is tired.  They have been 
asked again and again, in many different ways, would it be OK if 
Tapestry becomes a Jakarta subproject.  The answer has been yes, yes, 
yes, and once again yes.  The more times the question is asked, the less 
responses are returned.

And that's not because they "avoided the question in spectacular 

When I asked what was desired, I got the following response from Ken Coar:

> it would be nice to have such a binding answer from the jakarta project,
> and even nicer to have interested parties from jakarta (including but
> not limited to andy) watching and participating in the process to a) ensure
> that tapestry doesn't morph away from what jakarta agreed to accept, and
> b) help the incubator people identify and fix issues.  just as andy and dIon
> have already done in this very thread (thanks!). 

We clearly are pursuing the "and even nicer" path of this.  I realize 
that Ken wanted both, my immediate knee-jerk reaction to the first term 
in the boolean expression was to respond with a "it would be nice to 
have such a binding answer from the incubator project", but I am trying 
to maintain my cool.

Let's all follow the second half of the equation.  And not turn this 
into a referendum on Jakarta, or on me, or Andy.

The tapestry developers have demonstrated a fair amount of patience, 
persistence, and good humour in all of this.  Each time we have set the 
bar, they have risen to the challenge, and we have responded by raising 
the bar.  My request is that we set the bar one last time.  This time 
for good.

- Sam Ruby

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