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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Feedback from Tapestry developers, WAS: RE: [Tapestry-contrib] Re: Tapestry?
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 14:17:46 GMT
This is an honest request.  Could the Incubator PMC go dsicuss and come 
up with a set of guidelines and unanswered questions which are not 
ASF-internal questions (which you can't reasonably expect them to 
answer) then post them here.

I'm confused.  I assume they are.  This conversation is not starting out
right.  Its meandering back into "reorg" questions which I'd prefer not 
to see happen rather than addressing *this* project.

So please come back with a clear list of questions FOR the tapestry 
committers.  I see it as more dIon and my place to *shield* them from 
the usual "You can't join because you're too mature.  You can't join
because your too immature" stuff and only ask them to answer the 
questions which are clear and can be actually be answered.

I view those other "questions" as "opinions on the direction of Apache" 
which can only be answered by the person that holds the said opinion.
(I appologize if the tone sounds harsh or horse just how I feel about 
these types of discussions)


> Yes, that is the case.  Without Incubator in place Tapestry would no
> doubt already be absorbed by Jakarta.  Personally I would say that would
> have been a bad thing, since the Jakarta PMC is overloaded as it is.
> So, now we are here, Tapestry is considered for incubation.  We've kept
> them hanging in limbo for far too long... apologies for that.  Now it is
> time for action.  And some of us have some questions we'd like to see
> answered by the Tapestry folk.
> It would be nice to hear from the Tapestry developers themselves on what
> they expect to gain from becoming an ASF project.
> Sander
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