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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: [Tapestry-contrib] Re: Tapestry?
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 11:01:54 GMT

Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> whatever).  Why should the Jakarta project increase their management 
> burden when they already have problems managing what they have?

What problems do you see that Jakarta has managing what it has? BTW, this is 
a genuine question, not flamebait. I have seen this statement repeated often 
and would like to understand its basis.

>  I'm just not seeing a compelling reason why the ASF should add
> Tapestry.

What would be the compelling reason that you would see for the ASF to accept 
any project? If Tapestry does not satisfy these requirements, then what sort 
of project would, IYHO, meet them? IOW, can the incubator function at all?

> I believe *our* 
> primary goal is to help develop new communities.
> To me, Tapestry seems a bit too mature for the ASF, and I don't think we 
> can add substantial value to Tapestry.  The word for this list is 
> 'incubator.'  

In this case I think the incubator is for the incubation of the Apache Way 
of doing things in an existing project and its participants. The resolution 
that formed the incubator states:

RESOLVED, that the Apache Incubator PMC be and hereby is
        responsible for the acceptance and oversight of new products
        submitted or proposed to become part of the Foundation;

> This seems like an adoption rather than an incubation. If 
> someone has a compelling argument for addition, I'd like to hear it.  
> But, I must say that I haven't seen one yet.  -- justin

Isn't the incubator supposed to decide exactly that question? One of the 
problems with the incubator is when the ultimate answer is "No", what then 
for a project such as Tapestry that has undergone such changes? I'd like to 
see some discussion around that, for I feel it may be very difficult to say 
No after acceptance into the Incubator.


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