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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Apache Proposal AGAIN
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2003 22:51:32 GMT
>> I'm dense and you're being vague. What exactly is bothering you?
> In this case, it was the capital letters in the subject line.

Sam, thats my fault.  He replied to one of my emails from a long time ago.  
The audience was the Tapestry committers and AGAIN was to attract their
attention that this was not the first thread entitled "Apache Proposal" 
that this
was a "redeux" but I have enough trouble (due to my dyslexia) spelling 
words correctly, let alone French. ;-)

I would have preferred a new thread started as well.

> Perhaps I would have felt differently if this e-mail had started out 
> with "I have read the Tapestry proposal, and based on it, I have the 
> following questions".

I actually ignored the first email because I felt "gee didn't he read 
the proposal, it was *posted* on the mail list, posted on the web...

Anyhow, I'm going to fulfil the request (sending an email to community 
and general @ jakarta) asking if those interested in participating in
the "incubation process" for Tapestry please subscribe.

I also have an email to send in response to ken's blog  I have some constructive 
criticism to offer
on the incubator and would like to suggest an "emergence-based" 
alternative to the current parts of the process which seem to have been 
decided which I think would still fulfil the goal of the incubator while 
solving this "which mailing list" problem.  I am taking extra time to 
edit out anything which could be perceived as negative or offensive 
other than the basic disagreement (which can't be helped).  So its been 
coming for 5 days...  This is fair *heads up*.  I will send it to the 
"members" list as it seems to be the most appropriate place.


> - Sam Ruby
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