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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Tapestry?
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2003 01:02:32 GMT wrote:
>>in part, waiting for me to commit my edits to the web site.
>>also waiting for (but not blocking on) sam ruby's response
>>from jakarta.
> I thought Sam had already said +1 after incubation: 

It certainly has my +1.  And hasn't gotten any feedback from any other 
PMC members, either positive or negative.  My read is that if anybody 
disagreed, they would have expressed their opinion.  But mostly, I think 
that people are unclear about the process.

What is expected here?  Ken, if what you seek is an agreement in 
principle, then I believe you have it.

If, however, you want what amounts to a "blank check", i.e., a binding 
vote that Jakarta will accept the morphed version of Tapestry that 
emerges from the Incubator, then I will start a push to get all Jakarta 
PMC members to cast a vote.  If there were to be such a vote, my vote 
will be a +1 based on my trust and confidence in the members of the 
Incubator team, but I'm just warning you in advance that there might be 

- Sam Ruby

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