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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Tapestry?
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 21:42:55 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> Andrew C. Oliver wrote:
>> Status?
> in part, waiting for me to commit my edits to the web site.
> also waiting for (but not blocking on) sam ruby's response
> from jakarta.
> let's see.  howard, are you here?  probably the first things
> to do would be mailing lists and a cvs module into which
> the code can be transferred.  anyone think of an earlier
> step than that?

It would be preferrable if the Tapestry committers subscribed to this 
list at this time. (

Those things are listed in the proposal. 

[3] identify the Jakarta resources to be created

[3.1] mailing lists(s)

tapestry-user tapestry-dev tapestry-cvs

[3.2] CVS repositories


[3.3] Bugzilla

framework - tapestry components - web site, contrib library, 
documentation, examples

[3.4] Wiki


It might be good if there was a public incubator module that I and later 
the Tapestry Committers could check such things into (as the proposal is
IMHO in a post-wiki stage).

Do you feel moving the mailing lists is in the best interests of the 
Tapestry community and the
community proper?  Or should that perhaps wait until a presupposed move 
to Jakarta.  

Possible Disadvantages (assuming migration to jakarta):
requiring people to unsubscribe (or not) from sourceforge mail lists, 
subscribe to apache-incubator mail lists,  then subscribe to the jakarta 
ones later is kinda rough.

The website also has some of the same issues (and add google to that, 
broken links for anyone referring to Tapestry and sourceforge doesn't 
like to delete things)...
Though we could possibly handle that through configuration (I think) 
later on by autoredirecting from** via httpd config.

The CVS module does not have the same issue (there is only one repository).

What are your thoughts on these matters?



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