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From "Howard M. Lewis Ship" <>
Subject Re: [tapestry] Things 2 do
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 12:53:23 GMT
We should create the read TODO(.html) file to track all this.

> > 1) Fix current broken ant build process (dump out a message when
> > is empty etc) :)

Easy enough.

> > 2) Review distribution for GPL/LGPL usage?

The one "hotspot" I know of in terms of licensing is the use of McKoi DB to
run the Vlib demo.

McKoi is GPL.

To make McKoi work inside JBoss, I created a very simple (dozen lines or so)
JMX wrapper.  This code lives in the contrib library.

The JMX wrapper directly calls into McKoi API.  This means that JMX wrapper
is "infected" with the GPL.

I have tried to provide the code changes back to the McKoi developer, but no
action was taken (positive or negative).

A worst case would be to ditch McKoi and recode the Vlib using Hypersonic,
which is already integrated into JBoss.

I've been very public about this situtation, a year ago or more, on the
McKoi development list.  I've sidelined it because this code exists only to
support the Vlib demo, it isn't part of the Tapestry framework otherwise.

> > 3) Add Apache License to source

I'm working on a python script to update all the source with the new

> > 4) Set up Web Site on daedalus (

> > 5) ?

Are mailing lists set up?  doesn't show them.

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