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From "B. W. Fitzpatrick" <>
Subject Re: Questions from the Wiki
Date Thu, 26 Dec 2002 15:45:12 GMT

"Andrew C. Oliver" <> writes:
> Hi All,
> Someone asked me the other day what the ApacheWay was and so I pointed 
> them to a long list of documents and saw panic.  So I explained it to them.
> Furthermore I tried to give them a physical layout and explain how 
> various things fit in, we discovered some questions I couldn't answer 
> (so I figured I'd go to the source)...
> I thought it would be chill if we could start documenting the ApacheWay 
> or at least the parts we agree on.  I suggest as a convention the 
> agreeable things go on the first page and anything that someone 
> completely disagrees with should go on a page linked from the first.  
> Questions and topics for discussion should go on the bottom of the page...

I do believe that Ken Coar started to document this in the incubator
website already, so you might want to talk to him about it (incubator


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