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From "Scott Sanders" <>
Subject RE: Subversion
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 21:15:56 GMT
> actually, i think it would make much more sense for the
> early adopter to be the incubator project, since codebases 
> coming in there should have no prior existence in 
> apache-land, nor any subsequent need to merge histories from 
> elsewhere. as opposed to commons, which is going to be (at 
> least partially) populated by codebases moving from elsewhere 
> within apache.
> better to use the new stuff for things making a clean start,
> i think.

Whether it is commons or incubator (I would suggest both myself), they
are both making a clean start.  If a new project moves from sourceforge
to apache, they will have CVS history as much as something moving into
commons.  I think that either or both commons/incubator would be a great
place to test Subversion in the apache infrastructure.


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