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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: Code ownership (was Re: whoweare.html)
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 23:13:54 GMT

Peter Donald wrote:

>On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 01:04, B. W. Fitzpatrick wrote:
>>Peter Donald <> writes:
>>>On Wed, 6 Nov 2002 22:43, Sander Striker wrote:
>>>>Seriously, we have a SCM to find out who wrote what.  @author tags are
>>>>misleading to say the least.  The entire concept just asks for people
>>>>that are going to see in how many places they can get their name.
>>>The best I have seen so far is a committer forking a project so he
>>>can add his name as an @author - would have been funny except that
>>>it effectively blocked progress in that project.
>>Are you saying that this actually happened?
>of course. I had to revert vetoed changes from the same committer. Kool - huh!


I really impressed at your persistence.  If there is something to 
complain about - go ahead an make an acusation!

In my own experience I forked soething that your wrote - and I've even 
tolated your CVS games in situations where your veto has been opposed, 
and where nobody stepped up to back you.  But I have not idea if that 
event is what your referring to. Hey I can continue but its a waste of 
bandwith.  The subject of this thread is about the addition of author 
tags into code.  If you have a genuing complaint concerning something - 
then you could raise it with the project in questions.  You could even 
take it to the PMC with or without the endorcement of the project in 
question.  Those are mechanisms available to your.  

On the otherhand, you could attempt to crusify the individual in 
question in public, at a project level, or even in private.  But that's 
not relly plating by the rules - is it?  Bottom line - there is positive 
stuff that came out of the work you did.  

Appreciate that and move on.

Cheers, Steve.



Stephen J. McConnell

digital products for a global economy

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