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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: Code ownership (was Re: whoweare.html)
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 04:41:08 GMT
--On Wednesday, November 6, 2002 2:58 PM +1100 Peter Donald 
<> wrote:

> In cases where the cost of fixing is higher than detailed
> explanation then the  patches get rejected.

I would prefer to push back on contributors in most cases.  There's a 
threshold though.  If it's relatively minor, I will just fix it up.

> Agree with that. We aren't talking about committers here though. We
> are  talking about developers in wide world who submit code via
> patches to mailing  list or bugzilla.

> A trick that seasoned committers do on new committers is to change
> their first commits and work on them, to show that the code is of
> everyone. If they complain, it's time for a nice and bold
> explanation.

Nicola seems to be talking specifically about committers not 
contributors (people without commit).  Your earlier statement led me 
to believe that you agree with Nicola and think that's a good 
practice.  It seems you don't necessarily agree.  =)

For contributors, you can tweak their patches slightly, but I would 
strongly discourage doing that for committers.  To me, that is 
extremely suspect behavior.  IMHO, committers should be aware of 
policies *before* they become committers.  And, they should be 
trusted to respond to feedback.

> yanking doesn't happen.

FWIW, PHP has a low commit barrier and does yank.  HTTP Server/APR do 
have a higher barrier, so we're fairly certain that there won't be a 
need to yank.  Something in the middle may need to consider yanking 
of commit privs especially if there is a pattern of bogus commits. 
-- justin

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