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From Greg Stein <>
Subject veto stuff (was: Code ownership)
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 23:57:43 GMT
On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 12:32:14AM +0100, Stephen McConnell wrote:
> B. W. Fitzpatrick wrote:
> >Peter Donald <> writes:
> >>of course. I had to revert vetoed changes from the same
> >>committer. Kool - huh!
> >
> >Extremely disturbing.
> Wow - "extremely disturbing" - that cause for concern. Let's go out and 
> nail the poor unfortunate to a cross.  Verify the facts?  Forget it - 
> lets get on with a good old fashioned crusifiction.

Of course it is disturbing. One of:

1) Fitz is (rightfully) assuming that people are speaking truthfully, or at
   least without willful deception. Therefore, based on Peter's words, there
   was some ugly stuff going on.

2) Peter is lying or willfully deceiving. Also disturbing.

(there's various shades of grey between those, but hey)

In any case, this *has* veered from the original topic, but this is exactly
the kind of case that the Incubator is supposed to solve.

So. Let's clear the air here. To be *VERY* explicit, there is a lot of bad
blood (in the past?) between Peter and Steve. No problem, that was in the
past. However, Peter has brought this up in at least two forums over the
past couple months, so it isn't any longer "just in the past." So let's
figure out the specifics and put this to rest.

Peter or Steve: can you identify the veto(es) in question? Or the time frame
so we can search for them? And the related commits. Specifically, which
commit was vetoed, and the reason for the veto? What was the sequence of
events after that?

Something is incorrect, and I would hope that the Incubator can identify it
and use it as a case study for how things "should" happen or not. e.g. what
is the proper procedure for vetoes? How should they be resolved? What should
happen in the code base? etc.


-- ... ASF Chairman ...

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