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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (commons) Wed Nov 13 23:45:41 EST 2002
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:11:08 GMT
Hi Sam et al,

(sorry for the crosspost but I can't figure out where this fits)

On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 00:59, Sam Ruby wrote:
> > Oh, and in a previous note, you took a comment of mine about Avalon totally
> > out of context, and attempted to hold it up relative to Apache Commons. The
> > simple answer is that I made a suggestion to the [future] Avalon PMC to not
> > divide up the committer/voter base because that kind of partitioning has
> > been an encouragement to factionalism. I believe the Avalon community needs
> > to learn how to work together, and that means no running off to your own
> > area, but to all work in the same box. If the PMC *does* decide to partition
> > voters, then fine. They are the people who knows what is best for Avalon --
> > I'm only trying to make suggestions on mechanisms which can help patch
> > things up. Simply stating, "oh, but we'll try to work together" may not be
> > as effective as "everybody gets to vote on that. deal."
> The plan seems to be to take components out of the Avalon community and 
> bring them to Commons.  Given the concern above, I am not clear how this 
> plan addresses the factionalism issue.

the components inside the Jakarta Avalon subproject that the avalon
community is thinking about donating to Commons have little to do with 
the factionalism issues, in fact I think there is pretty much consensus
among everyone @ avalon that the donations as they have been discussed
make sense based on technical grounds.

The basic idea is seperation of concerns:
1) the tools for managing components (avalon)
2) reusable components (commons)

ie there's like 5 or more locations that address (2) (commons here,
commons there, avalon, also turbine, other projects I don't know),
reducing that amount is a good thing.

That said, I do agree with Sam on pretty much everything else he said
here ;). Just pointing out that "the plan" referenced has merit outside
of voting/commit/factionalism concerns.


- Leo

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