Unfortunatly yes, that's what I need to do, passing an Article instance into a variable named "Article", not "article" like it should be ...
Because of existing user scripts which must continue to work without refactoring.

How can I deal with it ?

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Subject: Re: please help : GroovyCastException: why ?
Article articleTmp = (Article) Article;

in Groovy is the same as

Article articleTmp = (Article) Article.getClass();

in Java.


is of type Class<Article>, so casting it to Article will fail - what you want to do ist pass an Article instance, not the class, I presume...


On 24/02/2020 18:24, Mickaël SALMON wrote:

I'm using last Groovy version (3.0.1) in my Java application to run user defined scripts (Java based).
Here is how a script is executed (sorry for the formatting) :

   public Object eval(String scriptName, String script, Map<String, Object> mapVariable)
                   throws CochiseException {
       groovy.lang.Script groovyScript = this.scriptCache.get(scriptName);
       if (groovyScript == null) {
           groovyScript = new GroovyShell().parse(script);
           this.scriptCache.put(scriptName, groovyScript);
       groovyScript.setBinding(new Binding(mapVariable));
       return groovyScript.run();

I have the following exception when I pass the object "Article" of class "com.sylob.cochise.dm1.ejb.entite.article.Article" in the Map of variables :
org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object 'interface com.sylob.cochise.dm1.ejb.entite.article.Article' with class 'java.lang.Class' to class 'com.sylob.cochise.dm1.ejb.entite.article.Article'

Here is the script :

import com.sylob.cochise.dm1.ejb.entite.article.Article;

println "CL import Article : " +  Article.class.getClassLoader()
println "CL var Article: " + Article.getClass().getClassLoader()

Article articleTmp = (Article) Article;
// ... some stuff

This not seem to be a classLoader problem, because same class loader is used to load both com.sylob.cochise.dm1.ejb.entite.article.Article class in the script and "Article" object in the calling application.
Also tested with 2.5.9, same error.

What's wrong here ?