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From Dimitar Vassilev <>
Subject handling shell pipelines in Jenkins 2.164.3
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2020 16:12:47 GMT
Greeting fellows,

can anyone point me how to handle shell pipelines in Jenkins 2.164.3
I'm having a problem with the following sample code

stage('inject full build'){
    script {
      sh "#!/usr/bin/env bash \n" +
         "clearmake setview -exec 'clearmake -k full' ${VIEW} | awk -F
'<|>' 'NR ==2 { print $2 } ' > foo.txt"
The objective is to record the build id injected into the build queue and
monitor the build status later with LSF bjobs command options. when I put
the above syntax I get an error message like

unexpected syntax error near unexpected token `|`

Any pointers will be appreciated.
Best regards,


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