If any Groovy folks are planning to be at ApacheCon North America in Las Vegas in September, let me know and we can try to coordinate something for the Hackathon space.

Cheers, Paul.

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From: Steve Blackmon <sblackmon@apache.org>
Date: Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 2:45 AM
Subject: ACNA 2019 Hackathon
To: planners <planners@apachecon.com>

Dear Apache Project PMC Members:

There will be space at ACNA 2019 dedicated to a hackathon.  The space
will be available throughout the conference, from the start of each
day’s schedule until 11:45 PM, with the possible exception of during
keynote and single-track / conference-wide events.

The ACNA Hackathon sub-committee wants this to be the most productive
hackathon in ApacheCon history.  Collaborative development on project
source code, improvements to project documentation, and development of
example apps or tools built upon one or more Apache projects are all

More details will be available leading up to the event, but here’s
generally what to expect:

- Dedicated space with chairs, power, wifi, snacks, and caffeine.
- Tables dedicated to specific participating projects
- ‘Getting Started’ discussions for new and aspiring committers
- Help setting up development environments or completing hackathon tasks
- Concierge Charging Station with supervised charging of phones/laptops.

With most logistical concerns now attended to, we are identifying
interested participants, promoters, and coordinators.  Are you an
Apache member or committer willing to do the following on behalf of
your project:

- Operate a dedicated hackathon table?
- Designate collaborative work for your project’s table to help hackers focus?
- Encourage your community to hack at your project’s table?
- Report out during and following the event about what was attempted
and accomplished?

Interested? Reply to planners@apachecon.com to reserve a table or two
for your project that we can advertise to your community.

We are currently working out a Hackathon schedule that will be posted,
letting attendees know when they should expect activities related to
their project and various open sessions to take place. If you will
take on the lead role for your project, we will work with you to plan,
prepare, and generate interest in the wider community.

If you aren’t interested in hacking yourself but want to help others,
we could also use persons who are willing to do one or more of the

- Operate the primary information table in the hackathon space for several hours
- Give a short introductory tools or skills presentation / answer questions
- Host ‘Office Hours’ and hold scheduled 1-on-1 discussions with other attendees
- Help the projects who are hacking coordinate their meeting times via slack
- Man the concierge charging station.


ACNA Hackathon sub-committee chair

P.S. We invite anyone who has ideas to share with the planning
committee, or is considering participating in any way, to let us know
via dev@community.apache.org

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