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From Grant Haywood <>
Subject Moving from (3.0 alpha 4 -> beta 1) causes access error to arise
Date Sun, 26 May 2019 21:09:40 GMT
Building my project on groovy 3.0 beta 1 causes an error I have not seen

    -1: Access to java.lang.Object#D is forbidden @ line -1, column -1.

The line information seems to be suppressed  or lost

D is declared typed at the top of the class
    public KVData D

it is assigned in the constructor
    this.D = session.D

and used in several methods, always in the form D.getMap(.....

in session (where D is assigned from) it is also declared typed and public
    public KVData D, M

Has any one else had this type of issue with beta-1?

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