Two questions:
  1. Jochen says "Danil  is doing special things with DSL", but "Daniil Ovchinnikov" replied regarding IntelliJ Groovy parsing. So is Danil == Daniil ?
  2. I neither like nor use these syntax varieties - but wouldn't changing any of that behavior potentially break Groovy DSLs from here to Baghdad (not only "Danil"'s) ?-)

On 04.07.2018 20:40, Paul King wrote:

Comment inline.

On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 10:31 PM Jochen Theodorou <> wrote:

Am 03.07.2018 um 04:44 schrieb Daniel.Sun:
> Hi all,
>       The following code is supported in the older parser, but I propose to
> stop supporting the ugly code style in the new Parrot parser. Any thoughts?
> 1) import statement ( )
> ```
> import java.
> lang.
> Object
> ```
> 2) prefix operator ( )
> ```
> def c = --
> 1

I do not need these.. but since I know Danil is doing special things
with DSL, maybe we should first ask him if he needs that and why

Jochen, even though you say you "do not need these", the real question is what set of rules are you replacing the existing conceptual rule with?

Existing rule: if the set of tokens parsed when an end of line is reached doesn't make a complete expression/statement, continue reading tokens as if the EOL wasn't there.

There are exceptions, e.g. we currently don't allow single quote and single double quoted strings to span multiple lines but the list is short.

What are your new rules and new list of exceptions?

We shouldn't be tied down by our existing set of rules but we want to keep them simple for our users so they all don't need to be grammar experts to use the language.

Cheers, Paul.
bye Jochen