On Sat, Mar 10, 2018, 9:50 AM MG, <mgbiz@arscreat.com> wrote:
Hi Groovy enthusiasts !-)

after having thought about the topic of "putting some money where your
mouth is and help fund Groovy development" some more, and taking into
consideration what people have suggested, I have created a (somewhat
experimental) Jira task* where people can pledge bounties for Groovy
features/fixes they woud like to support:


I have added bounties for some ares that I would like to see Groovy to
grow in - feel free to suggest additional features/fixes, or pledge for
existing ones.

Please make sure beforehand there has been at least some sort of
discussion about and some tentative agreement on possible ways forward
for the topic you would like to advance on this mailing list. There is
not much sense in cluttering the Jira task with pledges for features no
one of the main contributors think are feasible, a good idea - or who
have been outright rejected at this point :-)

I think it is easiest for people to pledge in "their" currency (Euro in
my case), so they do not incur any exchange rate uncertainties.
I also feel the minimum amount pledged should be in the 10 USD/EUR area,
based on that if we have a lot of people pledging smaller amounts, the
Jira task is definitely not the right approach.
All of this is of course open for discussion... :-)

Regular (monthly) Groovy funding is a topic for another post - for now I
have added a generic "Make Groovy Java 9 compatible" topic at the top of
the funding table in https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/GROOVY-8503.


*I think we should see if this appoach does not suffice, before going
down the route of a
- thank you to anyone who suggested/commented on this topic :-)