@"var in Java 10": http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/286 ?
This is the same feature I suggested a month or so back for Groovy (coming from my short C# stint) - I was not aware that someone already done an in-depth analysis for Java :-)

Reading JEP 286 Groovy dodged a bit of a bullet there: They were considering using "def" instead of "var" as the keyword - because of Groovy. Only "def" in Groovy is shorthand for "Object", no type inference taking place (apart from IntelliJ Intellisense, which sometimes works better when using def instead of Object), so that would have made Java 10 incomaptible with Groovy in that regard.

Interestingly no one seemed to realize that using "final" without an explicit type together with type inference works perfectly well - instead they are talking about using a "val" keyword (very bad choice imho, since at least to me it implies a value type, or something which is const(ant)), for the case that the assignment is final...

So what are the plans for "var" (and the related type inference when using "final") in Groovy right now: Wait until the Java 10, or introduce earlier ?

On 06.10.2017 18:51, Guillaume Laforge wrote:
Indeed, I still remember meeting John Rose many years ago, the mastermind behind invokedynamic, to speak about what a language like Groovy was needing in this space :-)
Hard to really quantify how much we helped, but yet, we did have some influence for sure in this area!
Or for things like the var stuff coming up in Java 10, it's also something I've been advocating to Brian Goetze 3-4 years ago (although he was really not in favor of it back in the day)


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Excellent presentation. I'd also suggest that Groovy was an influence on the evolution of the Java language itself. For example, I suspect Groovy was a contributing factor for introducing invokedynamic in Java 7, which was key in the implementation of lambdas in Java 8.

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Nice :)

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