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From Chris White <>
Subject Configure grape.config for groovy-eclipse-plugin
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2017 23:14:54 GMT
Is there a way to configure the groovy.config system property for the
groovy-eclipse-compiler such that you can pass the location of a specific
grapeConfig.xml file for the build (for example on a build server), rather
than it being pulled from the default ~/.groovy/grapeConfig.xml location.

I've tried the following, but that errors without any further information:

[INFO] Using Groovy-Eclipse compiler to compile both Java and Groovy files
[DEBUG] Compiling 207 source files to /home/user/workspace/my-
[DEBUG] incrementalBuildHelper#afterRebuildExecution
[INFO] Found 0 errors and 0 warnings.
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:
maven-compiler-plugin:3.6.0:compile (default-compile) on project
my-project: Compilation failure -> [Help 1]

            <!-- to allow @Grab annotations -->

Removing that compilerArg gives the following error (which is expected as i
need to configure where to pull the grapes from):

[ERROR] @Grab(group="org.jsoup", module="jsoup", version="1.8.2",
[ERROR] ^^^
[ERROR] Groovy:Ambiguous method overloading for method


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