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From Scott Arnold <>
Subject Non-Null Object Is Null
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2016 15:01:15 GMT
I'm new to Groovy (lots of Java experience but almost no Groovy experience) and maybe there
is something very basic I am missing here, but I am running into the following issue in a
Grails app (but I think it's a not understanding Groovy issue).  I'm not sure I can break
it down any further than I already have, so I am kind of stumped about what I am doing wrong

In case you know Grails and want some detail on where this code is happening, I'm working
on a pre-existing Grails app that calls a service from the BootStrap.groovy during application
startup.  The code I'm having a problem with is within the service class.

Here's the code snippet:

System.out.println("is icf null? " + (icf == null));
System.out.println("is icf not null? " + (icf != null));
System.out.println("what is icf? " + icf);

And here's the output:

is icf null? false
is icf not null? true
what is icf? Null

If I try to call a method on icf, I get a NullPointerException.  However, earlier in the code
icf is created (currently it is created Java-style rather than using def, as in ICF icf =
new ICF()) and the code tries to set several property values within icf (e.g. icf.code = suchandsuch)
and none of that throws any errors.

What might be happening here?


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