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From "Deng, Lea" <>
Subject catch Read timed out and retry
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2016 22:58:48 GMT
Hello community,
I'd like to get your suggestions on handling java.netSocketTimeoutException.
The tests are in Ready! API. Test steps are:

1.       Read out data excel sheet and put data in Ready! API's Data Source

2.       Using the data above, request for a report from local server

3.       Groovy script to further process in the information from the report returned in Step

Yesterday, my PC and network seemed to very slow. I got about 3 out of 5 "java.netSocketTimeoutException:
Read timed out" for Step 2.

I was trying to catch this exception and retry Step 2.

I tried adding a small groovy script between Step 1 and Step 2 doing these jobs:

Run step 2}

Catch (java.netSocketTimeoutExeception e){
Run step 2

This approach didn't work. And by doing this, Step 2 is done twice in the Try {}, and then
again in Step 2.

I was also thinking to make Step 3 throw an exception if an exception does occurs, and I can
catch it between Step 2 and Step 3. But I haven't got time to try this approach.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Many thanks,

Kind Regards
Lea Deng

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