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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Illegal type in constant pool
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2016 13:49:00 GMT
On 15.07.2016 06:17, NETEASE wrote:
> Do you get some updates from ASM now?

They say it is either the JVM or any bytecode changer in between... for 
example Spring

> Besides, has someone used INDY feature in product environment?

it works fine with 1.8

> Our JVM expert tell me INDY is not mature yet and suggest upgrading
> JVM(open jdk 1.7.51) to 8.

I would suggest the same. Without judging the specific u51 version here, 
1.7 has had some very annoying bugs when using invokedynamic. 1.8 is 
much better. If indy would ever become the default for Groovy, it would 
not be before we drop support for 1.7, which surely will not happen in 
Groovy 2.5

bye Jochen

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