I did an exercise a while ago comparing imperative and functional implementations of FizzBuzz in various JVM languages.
It was then obvious that an imperative loop will still outperform a closure/lamba by a long way.


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Definitely some good information here. At least it answered the basic question I had.

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That’s cool. I see you did it on Java 7. I wondered if for such a trivial example if things change in Java 8 or 9. I’ve heard that JVM can do smart things with stack allocation to eliminate GC and inlining. On your system you saw almost 4x increase. On mine I see almost 6x. However, I don’t know how well gbench does like JMH in terms of dead-code analysis – and this loop would definitely count as dead code. I also tried an example to eliminate the dead code.



* Groovy: 2.4.6

* JVM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (25.74-b02, Oracle Corporation)

    * JRE: 1.8.0_74

    * Total Memory: 214.5 MB

    * Maximum Memory: 1794 MB

* OS: Windows 7 (6.1, amd64)




* Warm Up: Auto (- 60 sec)

* CPU Time Measurement: On


            user  system         cpu        real

Each  6271193022   25111  6271218133  6292037678

For   1107577805   20925  1107598730  1108344167


Each  1013972638   22068  1013994706  1033565157

For    249595132    4566   249599698   251259849


If I change the code to do something with the result:


def doEach() {{ it->

        int i = 0

        (1..100000000).each { int x -> i *= x }

        println i



Now the results are this:


            user  system         cpu        real

Each  7768820885   19783  7768840668  7832590835

For    834584044   11414   834595458   859830590



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I’ve never benchmarked it,


Weirdly enough, I have!


I wrote a quick bench benchmark for just this:





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