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From chavan77 <>
Subject TypeChecked and with custom methods/parameters using ExpandoMetaClass
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2016 22:05:43 GMT

I am trying to use java to load groovy scripts. My requirements are

  *   Scripts have to be type checked. So I added a compilerConfiguration to use the ASTTransformationCustomizer
for TypeChecked. That works
  *   My scripts will have properties it tries to access . These properties are dynamic in
nature that I will know about only just before I load the script. For example, I may have
a variable CARMAKE that I can use in the script and I know it has to be set to FORD only when
I load the script. So to do this, I enabled ExpandoMetaClass.enableGlobally so all my groovy
scripts will use the expandometaclass.
  *   I added a base
  *   I then created a groovyshell and parsed my file to get a script object.
  *   I then got the expandometaclass for my script object and added my CARMAKE parameter.
  *   This does not work if I reference the CARMAKE variable in the script, because it is
dynamically injected after the compile step and I have turned on type checking.
  *   This works if I have turned off TypeChecked

So my question is this. How do I inject the dynamic parameters and values into the script
class  before I parse/compile my script file? kind of intercept the parse right after the
metaclass is created, add my variables and then have it compile the script.


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