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From Paolo <>
Subject GPARS.withPool, xml.MarkupBuilder, XmlParser and HTTPBuilder
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2016 07:40:47 GMT
Hi all,


I am pretty new to Groovy and after playing around for a little while I decided to use Groovy
for my next little challenge … Basically I want to process a huge list of files (in parallel)
using  GPARS.withPool. Each file needs to be  parsed and converted into a XML file using
MarkupBuilder. After the XML file is created I would like to reread it with the XmlParser
and upload the original file and the corresponding XML file to a webservice using HTTPBuilder.


So basically I have a closure called fileworker that will process a file


def fileworker = {

  open file

  parse file, adjust some values and create XML file using MarkupBuilder

  parse the created XML file using XmlParser

  upload file and XML file using HTTPBuilder



and this closure will be used for processing the list in parallel (collectParallel)


groovyx.gpars.GParsPool.withPool(threads) {

                result = list.collectParallel fileworker



Due to my missing experiences I am a little concerned about thread safety when GPARS comes
into place …. I have a working implemententation of all steps described above to run sequencially
… but now when deploying GPARS, is there anything special that needs to be considered concerning
the usage of MarkupBuilder, XmlParser, HTTPBuilder in that closure? I would appreciate if
someone could share his experience and opinion …


Thanks in advance


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