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From Aplomb Chen <>
Subject Groovy hot deploy in production
Date Sun, 19 Jun 2016 13:00:56 GMT
Hi Guys,

Will you use groovy hot deploy in production environment? Is it reliable to
do so?

I am worried that it may have issue when you are doing below,

1, Defined a Array as class attribute, make it has 10000 objects, next time
code hot deploy that the array is erased in code, then that must be an
memory leak, right?

2, If you execute a periodic timertask in a groovy, next time code hot
deployed, if the timetask is no longer needed from your code, but the
started timertask will still be running, right?

If we demands developers avoid using class attributes or starting any
thread thing as a development rule, will hot deploy still be good for


Best regards

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