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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Integrating Groovy with a Java EE application and Maven
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2016 20:40:16 GMT
On 24.06.2016 17:41, Mr Andersson wrote:
> If you want to convince me of switching, i am still looking/waiting for
> someone to offer cyclic dependency support between modules, since
> without it, my code is getting more complex than need be.

then you probably do not want modules, but just multiple source 
folders... because what advantages are left of modules if they are cyclic?

> I also have hate the fact that I have to keep creating modules for every
> thing. If I have a module Core containing many utility classes, another
> module should be able to import only a package from Core, alternatively
> only a class from Core. That might be tricky, but it is desirable, and
> not unresolvable. Take the case where I decide to publish an Opensource
> library using a few things out of Core. Now I have to create another
> module move things out of Core, to expose and share only what is
> required with world.  If another opensource library is created that uses
> something else from Core, and something from the already extracted
> module, then we end up in hell.

you can filter sources/classes by (package)name... even create virtual 
projects in gradle

bye Jochen

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