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From Mr Andersson <>
Subject Integrating Groovy with a Java EE application and Maven
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2016 11:40:18 GMT

I can not find any info on this online that will actually work.

I've tried:

</dependency> as well as <plugin>

	<!--!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO TRIED WITHOUT THESE TWO LINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -->

         <!-- See:

--> <useIncrementalCompilation>false</useIncrementalCompilation>

</plugin> but this results in an error when a Java class is referencing 
a Groovy class in the project. I am not using eclipse. What are the 
neccesary steps to get Groovy to work *seamlessly in a Groovy project in 
2016* ? What are the limitations? Thanks!

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