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From Gerald Wiltse <>
Subject Re: Requesting Advice for Groovy Approach for Unique Date Conversions
Date Mon, 09 May 2016 23:29:16 GMT
Also, something else just occurred to me which might be relevant. Another
option might be to create a JDE Calendar or JDE Date class which extends or
implements date or calendar classes/interfaces. My first instinct was to
convert dates into Date Objects and strings based on Gregorian calendar on
their way in and out of the database (because that's what I'm somewhat
familiar with).  However, might it be more natural to write classes that
let me handle them in their native form without converting?  Maybe thats a
more complicated endeavor.

Gerald R. Wiltse

On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 7:04 PM, Gerald Wiltse <> wrote:

> All,
> In summary, I would like any advice people can offer on how to approach
> the task below, using the Groovy ways of thinking.
> The topic at hand is a messy domain-specific problem working with dates in
> Oracle's ERP software called JD Edwards. It's gory detail is documented
> here:
> I wish to write my own solution in Groovy.  A flexible swiss-army-knife
> type package which lets me pass JDE and Gregorian dates and times (as
> strings) in and out and define what I get back.  I am not looking for code,
> but help escaping the procedural mindset.   The one senior Java programmer
> just see's this as a few Static Methods.  I want to know what Groovy
> developers see.
> I'm guessing some combination of closures.  Perhaps factory pattern, which
> I've never used? Does this sound like a "Functional programming" scenario,
> where functional approach might be a good fit?
> I want to start off on the best foot possible, but don't have the
> intuition of high-level groovy thinking yet.
> Gerald R. Wiltse

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