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From Daniel Price <>
Subject Re: Groovy Running Slower With More Memory
Date Wed, 11 May 2016 16:15:03 GMT
Exactly--clock speeds differ greatly.  My new server was built a few years
ago and was designed to maximize performance of a multi-threaded program.
When I got the keys to the fabled machine, I didn't think to delve into
specs, I just assumed they'd be better than my desktop for all
applications.  My desktop has a single i7 processor at 3.6GHz, but the
server has 6 2.67GHz processors, so my PC runs single thread programs much
faster...  Thanks!

On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 5:50 AM, Wolfgang Pedot <>

> Since you have tested with the same RAM settings as on your PC I would
> guess there is something else causing the slowdown.
> Are you using the same JVM-Version?
> Have you compared CPUs? Your servers CPU may have more cores but a lower
> clockspeed than your desktop and that would make it slower for single
> threaded tasks.
> Wolfgang
> Am 09.05.2016 um 18:28 schrieb Daniel Price:
>> Good Afternoon.  I've been running some Groovy 2.4.2 scripts on a Windows
>> 7 64-bit PC with 16GB of RAM.  My scripts are memory intensive SQL Server
>> DB manipulators, and I have modified startGroovy.bat to:
>> %JAVA_OPTS% -Xms8192M -Xmx8192M
>> I recently gained access to a new server running Windows Server 2012 that
>> has 32GB RAM and lots of flash disk, so I thought giving Groovy more RAM
>> might allow the scripts to run faster.  So I installed Groovy on the server
>> and modified startGroovy.bat to:
>> %JAVA_OPTS% -Xms20480M -Xmx20480M
>> But the new server runs my scripts about twice as slow as my PC.  This is
>> true even with the exact same RAM settings in startGroovy.bat.
>> I don't know if I should expect to see a large decrease in run time based
>> on additional RAM, but an increase seems odd to me.
>> Could this be due to OS differences?
>> Thanks!

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