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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: down for now
Date Sun, 22 May 2016 15:58:00 GMT
On 22.05.2016 16:40, Steve Byrne wrote:
> [Copying from dev@groovy]
> What about backing out the change for now?  This is looking really
> bad...think about how it looks from the outside:
> 1) Pivotal appears to "abandon" Groovy as a language -- does not send a
> positive signal about the language's future prospects

Why is the perception of an outside person here only a "appears"? Oh and 
don't forget blaming Pivotal for that.

> 2) _Without warning_ the <> site
> *DISAPPEARS*.   "Oh well,", people think, "looks like Groovy is done
> for.  _Glad we did not make that decision to depend on Groovy for our
> go-forward technology_"
> 3) The problem isn't being corrected.  This looks like either a) nobody
> is "a the wheel" (of the car), or b) the folks behind Groovy (whomever
> they are, again I am speaking as it would appear to the outside) are
> just really incompetent, and again "we're glad we did not decide to
> invest development resources into using Groovy", or, "Wow, after Pivotal
> abandoning Groovy, and now the whole Groovy lang site disappearing _in
> the middle of the night_", we'd better move off Groovy -- too much risk"

You can add

to your hosts file to get the DNS entry right. It is important to 
mention its temporary nature though. This bypasses the DNS system, and 
the IP will change in the future.

> *It's time to back out this change*.  Get
> <> back on the air ASAP!  Let Apache figure out
> their issue in parallel, but don't leave this gaping and bleeding wound
> untreated any longer.  It really looks bad, and I think still at this
> point, Groovy as a language/runtime/technology cannot afford to look
> bad, after item 1 above happened.

The question is what we can do here. The domain is in the hands of the 
ASF. I donĀ“t even know how to directly reach someone of the 
infrastructure team.

bye Jochen

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