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From Gerald Wiltse <>
Subject Methods for Creating Ranges
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2016 05:07:37 GMT
I can find no examples of different ways to create a range.  There's a
plethora of examples on what you can do when you start by creating a range
like so:  "1..10"

But, how does one create a range when the min and max values are stored in
variables?  There's no range constructor.  I see that it's a form of a
list, but I see no helper methods for dynamically creating ranges given a
min and max value.

I even tried to get really fancy, but this evaluates to a string.

def v = "10..15"
assert Eval.x(v, "return x")​.getClass()​.name ==

My use case is this.  I populate a bunch of form fields with variable
definitions... but they all get passed to my code as strings. But I want to
pass port ranges and lists and maps. So, the Eval() method is exactly what
I needed.. it just isn't working for ranges.


Gerald R. Wiltse

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