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From Felix Dorner <>
Subject Re: Methods for Creating Ranges
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2016 18:42:22 GMT

On 20-Apr-16 15:35, Gerald Wiltse wrote:
> I re-arranged it as follows.  Does this seem preferable from a 
> performance perspective?.There will be about an 8:1 ratio... (8 
> matches of this[tmpKey] = v to every 1 exception which hits the catch 
> which needs to be parsed.
>                 try {
>                     this[tmpKey] = v
>                 } catch (GroovyCastException e) {
>                     this[tmpKey] = new GroovyShell().parse(v).run()
>                 }
It looks tempting, but someone reading this code in 3 years will be 
like: WTF?!? Did you read Bloch: Effective Java? It has a chapter on 
Exceptions and how you should NOT use them. I'd guess this code of yours 
would be a good example for that chapter. When you say you have a form 
input for properties, you imply that NOT every valid groovy expression 
is a valid input.. Then why not just work off all the possible cases?


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