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From "Strachan, Paul" <>
Subject RE: not sure about Collection.intersect
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2016 03:32:02 GMT
OK. It appears to me like a Groovy bug introduced in version 2.3.10 – possibly

def c1 = []
def c2 = []
c1 << new URL("")
c2 << new URL("")
println c1.intersect(c2).size()

In Groovy <= 2.3.9 the output is 1
In Groovy > 2.3.9 the output is 0

From: Edinson E. Padrón Urdaneta []
Sent: Tuesday, 9 February 2016 1:29 AM
Subject: Re: not sure about Collection.intersect

I have to look at the implementation of the `intersect` method to be sure but does your TestClass
class overwrite `hashcode` and `equal`? There should be a way to compare the instances of
said class.

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