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From Keegan Witt <>
Subject Re: Integer primitive division
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2015 04:44:04 GMT
Yea, I'm pretty sure by "improvement report" Jochen meant a Jira.


On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 9:01 AM, Winnebeck, Jason <> wrote:

> By improvement report do you mean you'd like for me to put in a JIRA for
> it?
> As for performance, I haven't benchmarked it. I'm more wondering for
> general knowledge as well. We just ported about 600 classes from a
> proprietary business rule language into static-compiled Groovy, and for
> that rule execution, CPU performance is a concern (and upcoming dedicated
> project) as the code runs on a web application refresh to recalculate
> values. We also use Groovy elsewhere as well in a project that is otherwise
> written in Java, but since we've moved about a 3rd of the project over to
> Groovy, a good part of my argument for using Groovy is that we can use
> Groovy features and DSLs and still keep largely the same performance and
> compile-time checking as in Java, but use dynamic where it makes sense (for
> example we use dynamic exclusively in production and consumption of our web
> service APIs).
> Jason
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> From: Jochen Theodorou []
> Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2015 5:07 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Integer primitive division
> On 23.10.2015 22:47, Winnebeck, Jason wrote:
> > Is there any way to perform primitive integer division in Groovy
> > compile static mode? If I do:
> >
> > (int)(12/2)
> >
> > Then it coverts 12 and 2 to Integer objects, calls a method that
> > performs BigDecimal division, then calls "as int" (not just intValue)
> > on the result, which itself does instanceof checks.
> >
> > I tried intdiv, and it is more efficient, but it still converts to and
> > from Integer objects so that it can do A.intValue() / B.intValue(),
> > and storing that result in an Integer itself.
> I think I did do an optimization for this kind of thing for double, but I
> may not have done that for int... normally if you do something like
> int i = 12/2
> the compiler should be able to optimize this to a normal int division like
> in Java for primopts and compilestatic.. checking now I find a
>      BIPUSH 12
>      ICONST_2
>      IDIV
>      ISTORE 3
> meaning it works for primopts, but not for compilstatic. Probably, because
> in normal Groovy we do not prevent conversions with loss for numbers, while
> copilestatic insists of the div resulting in a BigDecimal. And then
> primopts fail to help compilestatic.
> Not sure if I should really qualify that as static compilation bug
> As for intDiv... ideally the JVM does optimize the overhead away. But
> considering optimizations being done here for primopts as well as the
> invokedynamic version I think some work should be invested here.
> An improvement report for this would be a good start
> As for "What I'm wondering is if Java is strictly required if performance
> is a concern with division." Did you check the impact of this?
> bye blackdrag
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