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From "Winnebeck, Jason" <>
Subject RE: Command Chain in assert
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2015 13:29:08 GMT
That ticket was useful. Just out of curiosity, is there a way to make the DSL work if I do
provide a function assert? I’m not sure it could, because you’d need to support operators,
and also when I tried to make such a DSL I was not able to actually declare any symbol assert
and be able to call it how I’d expect. Even if it worked you’d lose power assert. I wonder
(not that I think it would be worth it) if it’s even possible to implement with an AST?
I’m thinking even that is not possible because Groovy can’t even parse the syntax so you’d
never get to AST stage.


From: Paul King []
Sent: Sunday, November 08, 2015 1:27 AM
Subject: Re: Command Chain in assert

To rephrase slightly,  it's not *currently* possible. We could change the grammar and add
a special parsing rule but then that would probably rule out DSLs with assert as the first
word. The parens proposal in the previously referenced jira is more likely the way we'd want
to go.
On 8 Nov 2015 3:17 am, "Pascal Schumacher" <<>>
I guess it's not possible. :(

There is already an enhancement request
"Command Chain + Power Assert doesn't work" in JIRA.


Am 06.11.2015 um 22:42 schrieb Winnebeck, Jason:
Is it possible to support command chain in asserts? I'm trying to create a testing DSL.

The expression item("abc").exists will return a boolean. So I can do this:

item "abc" exists

But I can't do this:
assert item "abc" exists

Is something like that possible?


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