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From Dzmitry Kazimirchyk <>
Subject Groovydoc and java code
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2015 15:54:13 GMT

We are trying to build API documentation for a mixed source java/groovy 
project. We see groovydoc tool from standard groovy distribution as a 
good fit for our needs since it supports doc generation from both java 
and groovy sources and also allows us to use groovy templates which is 
very useful for building our heavily customized docs.

However we hit a few obstacles related to the ability of groovydoc to 
handle java sources:

1. It fails to parse files containing Java 8 specific syntax;
2. It also fails to parse files containing Java 7 "diamond" operator;
3. Javadocs for individual enum constants from java classes don't make 
it into final GroovyClassDoc metadata and hence into the docs (this 
works fine for groovy sources though).

We can mostly live with not having Java 8 syntax support for now, and 
work around Java 7 diamond issue, but having docs for enum constants is 
absolutely vital.

In general I wonder if we are on a right track here using groovydoc. Is 
it supposed to handle java (mixed java/groovy) sources? If so whether 
support for Java 7 and 8 syntax is coming soon?

Also should I create issue in JIRA regarding the java enum docs problem?

I have tried to wrap my head around the parser logic and found that it 
uses old ANTLR v2 grammar. So I wonder if it is even worth looking into 
trying to figure out and fix this ourselves or there are plans on moving 
to ANTLR v3 or some other parser tool in the near future?

Thanks for your help,

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