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From Paul Henry <>
Subject No javac Compiler Warnings with javac nested in groovyc
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2015 23:45:40 GMT
Hi All,

We have recently moved to a joint compile of our Java and Groovy code base
in our Ant build scripts as expanded use of Groovy introduced
bi-directional dependencies between the Groovy and Java code.

The code is compiled successfully. However as a result of nesting javac
inside groovyc the compilation doesn't spit out the Java compiler warnings

our Ant directive looks something like

            <groovyc destdir="${src.bin.dir}">
                <src path="${src.dir}"/>
                    <path location="${project.libs.path}"/>
            <!-- The Javac command inherits the destdir, src path, and
classpath from the enclosing groovyc task -->
                <javac debug="true"
                    <compilerarg line="-Xlint:all -Xmaxwarns 10000" />

Ideally i would like the compilation to spit out the same set of compiler
warnings i would get from running groovyc and javac seperately over the
code base.

Is anyone able to assist with this.

( We were feeding those compiler warnings into the Jenkins Warnings
plugin... yes while no compiler warnings looks great, its not really
accurate )


- Paul

Paul Henry
Senior Technical Developer.

Futrix Ltd.
79 Boulcott Street, Level 2, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
tel +64 4 499 1327

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