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From Jamie Echlin <>
Subject Re: Should PowerAsserts be more verbose?
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2015 18:58:27 GMT
Fair enough. Maybe I have a better real-world example that seems to trip up
people that I "know":

class Foo { String toString() {"aa"} }
assert new Foo() == "aa"

assert new Foo() == "aa"
       |         |
       aa        false

Taking your proposal, '"aa" as Foo' is not valid, so I'd rather see output
like '"aa" (Foo)'. But that would be noisy, so ideally I'd like to see that
only if the output is counter-intuitive, although clearly I have no idea if
that's feasible.

I think I disagree that the format for the entire results need be the same
as that for partial results.

In the example above, better formatting for strings would possibly make it
even less intuitive.

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