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From Edinson E. PadrĂ³n Urdaneta <>
Subject Re: [Question] Variable Argument Lists, Named Arguments, Optional Parameters and Multiple assignment
Date Sat, 15 Aug 2015 16:54:24 GMT
Greetings, Mr. Theodorou​,

I'm very thankful. Your answer was very insightful and clear, I appreciate

I'm a very novice developer (less than 2 years in the field) with a Python
background and it can be noticed in the nature of my questions. Don't get
me wrong, I don't want to use Groovy just like I use Python nor to
transform the first into the latter, but I was curious about why Groovy
took a different approach than Python's for the 'same' features. Now that I
know the reasons behind the design my curiosity has been satisfied in those
particular subjects (at least for now) and I can use them without bringing
some level of conflict to my mind.

Thanks a lot for everything.

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