Correct, it's not new.


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Am 18.07.2015 19:31, schrieb Keegan Witt:
a) Not exactly.  In an earlier version of the code Rahul was
experimenting with to compare performance, he said "I couldn't get
gradle to do that, possibly because there's java code depending on
groovy code and groovy code depending on java code."  I was curious
about how that could be solved, since GMavenPlus doesn't experience that
issue.  Maybe I should have started a new thread.


b) It's not perfect, but the solution was to let Groovy compile both the
Groovy and the Java, which Peter does in his first sourceSets example.
But if anybody has a better idea, I'd love to hear about it.  Here's a
simple project demonstrating the issue:

just to keep the reference:

What I do read is that the first version is 'just' joint compilation and the second is just Groovy code depending on Java code. The groovy gradle plugin already supports joint compilation, but looking at the documentation about the project layout:

Production Groovy sources. May also contain Java sources for joint compilation.

so understood his comments, that its about making joint compilation work with a different source set only.

That would mean it is no new solution... which I hoped for when I did read your mail. Or did I miss something?

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